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Artist, writer, blogger, European. Following the Arab Spring since its breakout. Currently active supporter of the Syrian revolution. Glad to live in times never expected.

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Western nations expel Syrian envoys

Finally it happened. I can't even tell how long the Syrian expats community in Germany demanded the political step to send the ambassador of Syria home declaring him as persona non grata.

Syria: The Musical Revolution

Take a rest where you hear chants, evil natures don't have songs. The quote from the German poet and writer Johann Gottfried Seume has never lost his actuality regarding especially the revolutionary movement in Syria today.

Two activists detained in Syria

Noura Aljizawi, a young woman very busy with the coordination of the nonviolent revolution against the regime. When the security guards arrested her she carried half a dozen cameras with her with videos and personal information’s about other activists.

Syria: six bullets, no points

Honestly, has anyone really believed that Bashar Al Assad could or even would accept Kofi's half a dozen? Let's have a look on the bullet points the highest UN representative presented.

The Gruesome And The Gathering

Many terms created by the whole spectrum from grassroots activists to self-claimed political experts are surrounding around the situation in Syria.

Syria through the eyes of an outsider

Some foreign journalist were and still are in Syria trying to find the truth in the state of dark mystery. here's what a Russian journalist captured

Belarus: The silent tragedy

Between the libertarian-democratic European Union dealing more with economical than human rights problems and a politically shaken Russia where Vladimir Putin's confronted with almost unknown resistance from his own population Belarusians have to suffer under President Alexander Lukashenko's authoritarian regime.

Syria ten months after the first step towards change

Since March 2011, the Syrian people started something that appeared to most simply as mission impossible - to rise up against the dictatorial regime and its repression in general and against Bashar al-Assad in particular.