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Obama's Political groupies and the overlooked realities

Obama’s Political groupies and the overlooked realities

Another year pass and another State of the union heavily orated speech by President Barack Obama takes place.

Muslim Brotherhood thugs

Fight like an Egyptian: Egypt’s Inevitable Battle for Liberty (Part 2)

Egyptians witnessing USA and European countries claim that they have been fighting terrorism for over a decade resulting in millions of civilians dead and thousands of their own armies killed in action, have believed that both Americans and Europeans would be the first nations on earth to understand what they are going through fighting the Muslim Brotherhood terrorism.

Egypt 400 x 300

Fight like an Egyptian: Egypt’s Inevitable Battle for Liberty (Part 1)

Rarely the world witnesses a nation rising from a deep and long dormant state like they did with Egypt.

…. and that’s why Egyptians are revolting again!!

…. and that’s why Egyptians are revolting again!!

The Islamists and their affiliates are lobbying in the USA and utilizing their outlets like CAIR backed by the Qatari propaganda machine Al Jazeerah International to fabricate blatant lies about the real situation in Egypt

Turkey Protests 400 x 300

Turkey : The Middle East decisive battle for Secularism

The scenes from the Tahrir square of the Egyptian revolution have impressed millions around the world for what was called back then the power of the people against tyranny.

Minority Report: Egypt’s Ticking Bomb

Evidently a lot of modern days Egyptians are unaware of that quote by the late Indian prime minister and respected politician. They continue in their path of division and bigotry towards each other neglecting their legacy of tolerance as a nation for all creeds and races and the melting pot in the Middle East.

No country for Young Men: Egyptian Youth challenges and generation wars

Political observers have attributed the Egyptian revolution for many elements that includes economic burdens, lack of freedom of expression, absence of proper governance, political status quo and the bleak uncharted future that many Egyptians

Rebels at the Gates: Egypt rebounds again

Morsi’s regime has caused a path of destruction in Egypt which descended into unprecedented state of chaos that was hardly been witnessed in its modern history and here is in short a summary of his misdeeds

egypt revolution tharir

Darker Skies Ahead: Egypt’s Future of Uncertainties

The battle for middle earth has begun as the forces of tyranny and the forces of freedom are colliding for one decisive battle. This a memorable scene from J.R. Tolkien’s the third best selling novel of all time The Lord of the Rings resembles the situation now in Egypt.

Anwar Sadat

….Of War and Peace: Egyptian Israeli Relations