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Author, Freelance Journalist and Egyptian Businessman. Egyptian nationalist with Libertarian capitalist views. Middle East and world news analyst. Author of Egypt's Arab Spring - The Long and Winding Road to Democracy http://www.delizonpublishers.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&path=61&product_id=96

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Egypt lost in Bermuda Triangle: USA, Muslim Brotherhood and the Qatari Connection

Egyptian press and online media quagmire

French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte ill-fated campaign in Egypt that lasted from 1799-1801 brought the first modern Print press in the Middle East to Egypt. The first of its kind and much more advanced than the slower versions and antiquated ones that were in Istanbul.

The show must go on: Egyptian Media culprit or victim?

“The King is Dead, Long Live the King” has been the motto of Egyptian state media for the past century. The ability to shift from one ideology and rhetoric to another by Egyptian media is uncanny.

Egyptian comedy icon Adel Imam under jail threat

Legendary Adel Imam represented comedy at its purist form in the Egyptian cinema for over 40 years. Imam was not just a comedian but a drama actor who captured the hearts and minds of Egyptians as well the Arabs for decades.

Growing Islamist exploitations in Egypt

For centuries Islam in Egypt managed to maintain a moderate stance that inspired other nations from all around the world. During the darkest periods of religious wars in Europe

There is no business like God business: Islamist exploitations

Over two thousand years ago the great Greek historian Herodotus described Egypt in his memoirs as follows: “Concerning Egypt itself, I shall extend my remarks to a great length,

A blast from the past: Egyptian Leftists dilemma

35 year old man who spent his entire life in a bomb shelter because his father mistakenly believed that the country was being bombarded by nuclear weapons by the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

And then there were none: Egyptian Liberals in peril

Legendary crime novelist Agatha Christie’s bestselling mystery novel of all time title, maybe suitable to describe the current Egyptian liberals’ dilemma post Egyptian Revolution. It will not take a genius to discover that the Post-Revolution Egyptian liberals are currently in dire straits politically after the first parliamentary elections.

Dark Comedy of Egyptian Presidential Race

It’s been believed by some analysts that the current Republican race for the Presidential candidate in 2012 is quite filled with satire and jokes due to the candidates inability to attract the masses or provide any viable solutions for the current American economic crisis or provide a vision for America’s future.

Egypt: The Wild Wild East

The increase in incidents of violence tarnish the image of Egypt as a peaceful and safe country. It's about time authorities and people together work for making Egypt stable once again.