How British Government finance works – by the stand-up comic who worked for Education Secretary Michael Gove

Stand-up comics tend to have odd and interesting backgrounds. Gareth Morinan’s university degree was in Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics.

Why UK comic Richard Herring thinks creating free comedy will make money

Richard Herring’s career and credits are a bit like Irish or Balkan politics or his hair - you could go mad trying to disentangle it. Go read Wikipedia.


Glad gender stereotypes are being challenged: Gul Panag

An interest in travelling, collecting cars and a passion for adventure may be listed as activities perceived as falling in men's domain, but actress Gul Panag does not agree with these stereotypes and has been disproving them in her own life.

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novelist’s Ex-Wife Pulls Gun

The Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Cormac McCarthy, author of The Road and No Country for Old Men, has, in the past, been described as “publicity shy”.

What they actually said when anarchic UK comedian Malcolm Hardee died in 2005

Today is the late comedian Malcolm Hardee’s birthday. He would have been 64. He drowned in Greenland Dock, by the River Thames in London on 31st January 2005. He was newly 55.

The death of an amazing British eccentric performer

The Amazing Mr Smith died a week ago. His body was found at the bottom of a 100ft cliff at West Bay in Dorset.

You wouldn’t believe the size of things people steal these days (The Funny Side)

BREATHLESS, MY FRIEND shared her shock news on the phone. "You're never going to believe this, but someone stole MY HOUSE." I thought for a few seconds before deciding she was right: I didn't believe it. "You're probably in the wrong street," I said. "Try the next one." Why did I hesitate? Because you wouldn't believe the size of things people steal these days.

“Being a stockbroker is like being a comedian” says Russia Today’s Max Keiser

If you want to see the heir of the late American comedian Bill Hicks performing, where do you look? Not in British comedy clubs where Bill Hicks is the comedians’ comedian. Certainly not in America, where Bill Hicks only came to most people’s attention fairly recently.

Adventure, mass murder and bananas. It’s the perfect Edinburgh Fringe comedy show

If you are going to perform for over three weeks at the always potentially rainy and windy Edinburgh Fringe in August, it is best to make your show about a glamorous subject simply on the basis that the research will cheer you up.

Has the Edinburgh Free Fringe split apart again?

I once had to write an encyclopaedia entry on Christianity in (as far as I remember) 23 lines. This was a nightmare. Almost as soon as it started, Christianity started to splinter apart into sects, sub-sects and competing sub-sub-sects.