Ukrainian Parliament voted for the 2014 budget and approved controversial laws in an attempt to crack down the protests

Ukrainian Parliament has held on Thursday, 16 January, a really scandalous session voting for 2014 budget and for 10 laws significantly restricting civil rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens and practically imposing the laws and norms existing during the period of “emergency law” with the difference that these laws in Ukraine could be constant.

El Sissi: to run or not to run

A discussion ensued between those who wanted El Sissi to run and those who didn’t. The discussion remained civil though, as usual for Egyptians, loud; both groups were content that the Muslim Brotherhood had disappeared off the spectrum; it was the incoming president that they couldn’t agree on.

651 Citizens Sentenced in Security Cases During 2013

The Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights stated today that during the year 2013 the Bahraini Courts issued imprisonment verdicts against 651 citizens based on security charges related to the protests that kicked off on 14 February 2011.

The Grip – Litlena

The Grip is a book and a collection of short stories written by me, Victoria Sethunya, edited by Tarissa Warr, with Art by M.C. Mohlakola.


Small problem with Joseph Epstein’s complaint about meritocracy: where is it?

Every once in a while, a white male who has made his living as a “responsible conservative” or a conservative parading as a centrist produces an article bemoaning the fact that we are now ruled by a meritocracy.

The War Of Nationalists

For the past many centuries, the world has been in a constant period filled with multiple armed conflicts, without any period of peace; by the end of each war, another one breaks out in other part of the world.


Egyptian women fare the worst amongst Arab women, or do they?

According to the Thomson Reuters Foundation survey, conducted and distributed in November 2013, Egyptian women fare the worst amongst the women of the 22 Arab states,


Round table of Yanukovich’s government, opposition and civil society failed

Round table, organized by Ukrainian current President Victor Yanukovich after calls of Ukrainian society and international politicians and diplomats to hold negotiations in order to resolve the crisis in the country, has failed.

What current media fascination is most like AIDS news coverage in the 1990’s?

How ironic then that the contemporary news phenomenon that most resembles the AIDS story in its longevity and number of story angles is not a monumental medical epic involving millions, but the private bantering and peccadilloes of a family of rich but garish narcissists.


While celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela, let’s not forget that segregation still exists

Nelson Mandela defeated a particularly pernicious form of segregation called apartheid. He resolutely withstood years of jail to lead a movement that eventually negotiated with the defenders of apartheid and defeated them in a democratic election.