Political self destruction in India is now an art form [Comment]

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The Gujarat 2002 ghosts have haunted BJP and Narendra Modi in particular because of a high decibel biased campaign by media with help of Left-Lib NGO cottage industry. These ghosts have been put to rest last week by the SC appointed SIT verdict clearing Narendra Modi and others named by Zakia Jafri of criminal conspiracy. It also brought an end and there by exposed the NGO cottage industry’s mallafide intentions sponsored by the congress. The congress is more scared of Narendra Modi the person than BJP its principle opponent. The reasons are many, but some, that are very visible to a common man are the no nonsense attitude of Narendra Modi. He did not let the shrill vilification campaign affect his work or that of his government. He achieved what many state Chief Ministers and Prime Ministers of this country have dreamed to achieve. He put the state of Gujarat on the international Map as an investor friendly state. He has outdone every other state on development in spite of no cooperation from the center and without any entitlements or sops for any religion / caste based community. All his schemes were for the people of Gujarat and not anyone in particular. This is very much in contrast to what we have seen elsewhere in the country. The congress, SP, BSP and almost all other parties are racing hard to please the minorities to come to power and thereby have curtailed the growth of their states in totality.

The congress is worried that given an opportunity Mr. Modi will change the dynamics of their own minority appeasement politics with his “appeasement for none and development for all” agenda. The congress and other secular parties which thrive on minority appeasement plank see this as a major threat and hence unite to keep Narendra Modi away from Delhi. The latest comments on Narendra Modi by Delhi CM Sheila Dixit “if he ever comes here he will be stoned by people” while campaigning for congress in local body elections in a minority locality in Delhi tells the story of how worried Congress is about Narendra Modi coming to Delhi. The BJP on its part is not helping the matters for Narendra Modi at all by falling to the cheap thrills and dirty tricks of the congress. There is a section of BJP who have no political capital whatsoever in their respective states but have forged their way into the elite power club of Delhi who covertly support the congress agenda to keep Narendra Modi away. These vested interests know for sure that they will have no role in Narendra Modi’s vision and agenda ever. It is sad that such individuals have become bigger than the party today in the central leadership of BJP.

BJP president Nitin Gadkari has failed to live up to the expectations of the party cadres and sympathisers who matter the most. There has not been a single achievement that party has secured under him till date. He first failed to control the anti Yeddyurappa campaign by Ananth Kumar & co in Karnataka. He failed to get any significant electoral gains for the party. In fact the party has lost more ground under his leadership. His gambles in UP have proved to be very costly. And amidst this backdrop I thought the latest RS nominations fiasco was the last nail in his ongoing string of failures. But then came the surprise from the tweet of a Journo Shishir Gupta.

The BJP constitution doesn’t have provisions for a 2nd term to the president. It’s shocking and very surprising that Nagpur wants to amend / tweak party norms to give Gadkari a second term. It will be very disappointing and a sad precedent to be set if this is true. How can a man with so many failures be rewarded a second term? What message is the party conveying to the grass roots? Also equally shocking was a second tweet from Shishir on how LKA is blocking the reentry of Yeddyurappa.

It’s a well known fact that Yeddyurappa was a victim of an internal political rivalry. Ananth Kumar who is very close to LKA was never in favor of Yeddyurappa as it undermines his own political stature in his own state. It’s sad to see the Patriarch who has single handedly built this party from the scratch now resorting to such silly politicking.

On one hand we have a formidable leader in Narendra Modi who is most favored by cross to be the next PM of the country and get us out of the miss governance subjected to by the UPA. And on the other hand the party seems to be in a self destruction mode. The irony is in the last 10 years the party has been losing ground very fast while its leader Narendra Modi has been topping the charts in all aspects. All I can say, wish and pray that Nagpur rethinks its decision (if it has decided to give 2nd term to Nitin Gadkari) and better sense prevails. Amen.

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