‘US gives security to Indian workers in Afghanistan’

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Indians working at American military bases in Afghanistan are being looked after by the US authorities, Minister for Overseas Indian Affairs Vyalar Ravi told the Lok Sabha Wednesday.

Ravi, in a written reply, also told the parliament that India had not signed any memorandum of understanding with the Afghan government for the protection and welfare of Indian immigrants in the troubled country.

He said that security agencies of Afghanistan had always helped provide security to Indian workers at the places where they worked and stayed.

‘Moreover, most of the Indian workers work inside US bases in Afghanistan. These bases are generally secure and the welfare aspects for the workers are looked after by the US authorities,’ Ravi said.

Around 3,000 Indians work in construction projects in Afghanistan, according to the ministry of external affairs. It says majority of them work in US bases set up as part of the International Security Assistance Force.

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