Gurgaon shops, brace for ‘girlcott’ onslaught!

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Gurgaon, April 11 (IANS) Enough of slogans and silent candlelight marches. Tired of crimes against women and the administration’s attitude, a bunch of women in Gurgaon is about to launch a unique protest this weekend – a ‘girlcott’ of shopping in a place known for its swanky malls and stores.

Gurgaon Girlcott, as it is called, was born as an idea on the popular social networking platform Facebook before snowballing into a full-fledged movement and becoming the talk of the town.

The movement targets a favourite weekend activity – shopping and splurging. It urges women to hold their purse strings tight during April 13-15,and stay away from shopping malls, stores, salons, restaurants, cabs – basically anywhere that requires them to spend money in Gurgaon.

The aim, as is evident, is to hit the private sector hard. This, hopes Richa Dubey, the brain behind the movement, will pressure private companies to turn the heat on the local administration to ensure better safety for women in Gurgaon.

The city of over 1.5

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