Hunger Games – Reality

Norbert Rabai
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Earlier this year Hungarian Minister of Economy Gyorgy Matolcsy said $196 enough for living for a family.

Note: The next story is true. Names,place censored regarding the sensitiveness of the situation.

Hungarian Minister of Economy Gyorgy Matolcsy

To be wile understandable I’m going to use USD as an example.

I happened to know a family which is in this situation. So instead of wasting time, let’s Do the math.

Mother and son living together in a small village where unemployment is almost 100% no chance to find a job in the neighbouring cities.

The mother receives $95.45 financial aid from the government per month (similar to US foods stamp system). Her son is disabled, he gets $249.52 per month as disability pension but due to new austerity measures May was the last month when the government granted it. He can’t work because of his illnesses, but if he’d be able just like his mom, he cannot due to the lack of jobs.

Now let’s see: Total income per month: $345. Bills/overhead (electricity, water, waste, gas etc): $222. Medicines: $33. Remains: $90.

So $90 per month for living for two people: food, clothing, toiletries, cleaning supplies, travel to the hospital etc.. Actually what a household needs.. no extras, no entertainment nothing.

Now, I’m not a math genius but I know that this is not enough not for living but for nothing.

And this is a “good story” because they own a mortgage free family house. Lots of the families are indebted in Swiss Franc (CHF). Also if someone lives alone she receives only $95.45..

And this is reality. Hungary 2012, member of the European Union.

Now I’d like to ask to things from the government,from MoE Gyorgy Matolcsy and from you, dear reader:

1. How can you live from $209 or $95.45 in a month?
2. Let me ask you MoE Matolcsy to switch place with this family for a month and try to manage this situation..Because this family and hundreds of others can’t…

PS: The mentioned family is real, these are factual numbers and statements. If anyone would like to contact them to continue this article from another angle, contact me.

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