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Born in 1941 in Kolkata, I had exposure to various industries like engineering, travel, sugar, electrical and finally to financial and investment services. Author of the book "YOU ARE THE POWERHOUSE" awarded as one of the best 5 books in self-help and inspirational category, by Bharat Vikash Parishad.

Then let the time stand still like a dot, If not all the time, at least once in a while. Watch with wonder the myriad colors of flowers. Listen to the sound of wind rustling through the trees and the music of Mountain Rivers. Look in amazement the sea waves rising and falling and stop looking at your watch on such occasions. Just let the time stand still and simply enjoy the moment.

Since ages, man has learnt to put the time in a capsule by measuring it in seconds, minutes, days, months, years and so on. We normally say that the clock cannot be turned back or the time once lost cannot be recovered. This is the linear view of time which is not right. Think of those times when you were almost in a trance listening to a great musical concert and it was suddenly announced that the performance was over! Had you not forgotten looking at your watch and in fact cursing the organizer for having a watch? You would have felt happy had he thrown his watch in the Pacific Ocean.

You can catch a glimpse of timelessness with a simple mind-body exercise. Choose a time of the day when you feel relaxed and unpressured. Sit quietly in a comfortable chair and take off your watch, placing it nearby so that you can easily refer to it without having to lift it or move your head very much. Now close your eyes and be aware of your breathing. Let your attention easily follow the stream of breath going in and out of your body. Imagine your whole body rising and falling with the flow of each breath. After a minute or two, you will be aware of warmth and relaxation pervading you muscles

When you feel very settled and quiet inside, slowly open your eyes and peek at the second hand of your watch. What’s it doing? Depending upon how relaxed you are, the second hand would behave in different ways. For some people, it would have stopped entirely, and this effect would last anywhere from one to perhaps three seconds. For others, the second hand would hesitate for half a second, and then jump into its normal ticking. Some others would perceive the second hand moving but at a slower speed than usual. Once you have had the experience of seeing a watch stop, you will never again doubt that time is a product of perception.

Notion of linear time needs to be replaced with something much more fluid – time that can contract and expand, slow down or speed up. It should be compared with subjective time, since spending a minute sitting on a hot stove seems like an hour while spending five hours with your beloved seems like a minute. When your heart throb reminds you that 5 hours have passed, the sun has set and it is the time to part, don’t you curse her for wearing the watch as also curse the sun for having set? Time had stood still for you during those 5 hours.

Time appears too long when the mind is unhappy, and it appears too short when the mind is happy, but when the mind is in real peace, it transcends time. This effectually means that time depends on the situation of the observer. Take another example: if two men are sitting with the same beautiful girl, the time drags for one because the girl is his sister, while it flies for the other if he is in love with her.

Therefore, we should scrap the notion of linear time since as you have observed that the time can expand as well as contract. And since ageing can be reversed by positive thinking, the clock can also be put behind which makes it possible to recover the lost time.

And thus we come to the state of timelessness when we really enjoy our life.

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