Women love to date, no matter who pays

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London, Feb 27 (IANS) It seems when it comes to dating, women just love it. A British study has found women to be taking the lead when it comes to find love, with one-fourth of them dating three or more men at the same time.

Research shows that the average single female is regularly seeing at least two prospective partners at one time and they date five men a year, the Daily Express reported.

According to the study carried out by restaurant chain TGI Friday, however, only 18 percent of the fairer sex thought the man should pay during the date. Half of the men agreed, saying that woman should contribute or go halves.

Nearly a third of females said traditional dating rules no longer applied, with a quarter having asked a man out rather than waiting for him to make a move.

Also, one in four in a relationship would consider proposing, with nine in 10 men wanting girlfriends to do so, according to the study.

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