Ann Romney joins Twitter to defend her role as stay-at-home mom

Stepping right in the middle of the heated debate over how women have fared under President Obama’s economic policies, Ann Romney GOP candidate Mitt Romney’s wife made her debut on Twitter on Wednesday night — defending her decision to forgo a professional career and raise her five sons at home.

It seemed Ann Romney entered Twitterati to respond to comments by Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen, who suggested during a CNN interview that Romney should not be consulting his wife about the plight of women in the workplace as his wife herself has never worked in her entire life.

Ann’s followers count rose to 7,500 while she initially declined to follow any other Twitter accounts – including that of her own husband.

Hilary Rosen had already tweeted few minutes before Ann’s tweet clarifying her statements:

However, Rosen’s defensive tweet was not enough to convince the hurtled Republicans, many including Senior Advisor to Romney for President and Ovide for Governor in NH Jim Merrill quickly responded supporting Ann’s thought.


But debate turned hotter, when Rosen responded back to Ann’s tweet:


One of the five junior Romney; Josh tweeted as well defending his mother.

Ann Romney released a video campaign released last week describing her life as housewife:

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