“Pakistan’s existence is dangerous for Balochistan” says BRP

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“Pakistan’s existence is not only dangerous for Balochistan but also for the peace and stability in the whole region Baloch Republican Party” said party head in press release on Saturday.

Hailing the recent bill tabled by American congressman Dana Rohrabacher in which he suggests slash into the American aid given to the anti-Baloch state Pakistan for the so-called war against terrorism. Party has always said that Pakistan’s existence is not only dangerous for Balochistan but also for the peace and stability in the whole region.

Dana Rohrabacher in this bill also stated that Pakistan is an anti-American state and the amount being given to Pakistan should be instead given to the relatives of those NATO soldiers who have sacrificed their lives fighting against terrorism in Afghanistan. Not only this, another American senator John Kerry, who was known for his favor for Pakistan has also –in a meeting of Senate’s foreign affairs prior to the NATO conference held in Chicago for the future of Afghanistan – said that Pakistan has been doing nothing for the eradication of terrorist safe havens on its soil.

All these acknowledgements of the Americans are the endorsement of our stance that Pakistan is a terrorist state and it is another successful step toward our goal. BRP reject all the claims of Pakistani authorities that there is no involvement of state forces in the abduction and killings of Baloch activists.

The recent hearing of Supreme Court of Pakistan has exposed the truth where Pakistani police itself presented the video proof of the involvement of the Pakistani Para-military forces in abductions of Baloch youth. It is clear recognition of our stance.

Appeals has been made to foreign powers that they should play their role to end the state terrorism in occupied Balochistan and help the Baloch people to practice their right for freedom and prosperous life.

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