ABC…..of Cricket

In India Cricket was always a religion.
Now its called a season too!

This time of the year in India, the season is not called spring.  For the next 54 days it will be called – Cricket.

Cricket has always been considered a religion in India. But since past 5 years, with the advent of IPL series, it’s a season. When nine, start studded, professional teams vie for the IPL Trophy, a major chunk of India goes for pre summer break.

Today, with the kick-start of IPL- 5 series, the mood of India is bound to change.

Attendance of Politicians in Parliament can see a decline.  No big producer dares to release his new movie. The traffic police get time to breathe, with lesser traffic. Office chairs lie vacant or turn recliners.  Kids give a damn to books.  Bookies, in for a windfall gain. Beers sell. Clubs overflow. Housewives shall miss their TV serials, as family sticks together on beds with eyes glued on TV. SMS’es and Bbm’sshall see a  fall, as adrenalin shall rise. In fact, the corruption graphs also see a fall and even Anna or a a Baba dare not plan theirdharna’sas the jantaawouldn’t be there!  The media shall focus tonight on the MA Chidambram Stadium instead of P. Chidambaram. This is India. Here everything can change, overnight.

Tonight the ABC of Cricket is… A for Amitabh, B for Bachchan, C for Chennai, when the Opening Ceremony of IPL-5 commences in Chennai.

Badhshahs of Bollywood, Business  Tycoons, Big Ticket guys and cricket fans – shall sit and sweat out together to witness glitter, glitterati and game combine for a thundering start.

The brainchild of Lalit Modi, the ex-Chairman of IPL series, came like a tornado and changed not just the format of the game – cricket, but the lifestyle of a majority of Indians, for a period of 54 days.

With Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, pop sensation Katy Perry and other stars performing in the Opening Ceremony – the craze of IPL takes scales a new height.

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