LOVE: one word with lots of different meanings

Norbert Rabai
freelancer journalist,blogger,protocol manager,human rights activist.

For me love is eternal, and free, free to give and free to receive, but only from heart. You can’t force someone to love you, you can give or get only if you really mean it.

Love as Lover

During the 26 years, I have several relationships, but only 2 true loves. Zsolt, Tamas. These were those relations which defined and defining my life. Zsolt was my first love when I was 14. As a teenager, a young gay, I can’t forget him, because he meant so much to me, and gave me that warmth that you feel when you think to the chosen one, although our relationship got a tragic end with his death. But for him I’m thankful not just for his love. He was a drug addict, during our relation I understood how harmful drug is and after Zsolt’s death I became volunteer in a drug clinic, to help others.

Was the ONE with capital letters, I still cling to him; I still love him, although it’s over and wasn’t a real relationship at all, or was it? Who knows? For me he was the perfect man (since him in every relation somewhere deep I’m searching for him too, of course I know that it’s impossible). Because of him I became an F1 addict, a Spain lover, a Barcelona lover, a bit interested in football. Became addict of him, if there’s such thing.

Tamas (Thomas) was an 8-months-long relationship, fast burning, always together, lived together but fate said he’s not the one. He’s responsible for my nerd/geek part, also for my everlasting love for the English language and the Stargaze one.

Love – Soul Mates

I had one kind of relation with a boy, Tamas. From the very first moment it was like I always knew him. We understood each other, stand with each other, it wasn’t love, he was straight, I’m gay but we loved each other. Because of him I became a fan of the DVSC football team, and he was the one who took me to my first football match.

Big space here, but I think I just found someone like him again. As far as I know from occultism everyone has three soul mates, so he will be (if am not wrong) the second.

Love – Friends

I love my friends. All of them. Always with me, I know I can trust them; I can talk with them, laugh or cry together. And for them I would do anything.

Love – Parent(s)

I love my family, although it’s shirked to one person, my mother, Maria. She’s not just my mummy but a real friend, whom I respect and love. We can share everything, talk about everything.

Love – Brothers and Sisters

I was a lonely child. No, my parents have no other child, but I got second: Judit and Laszlo. I love them just like I would love my brothers and sisters, sorry, it stupid. Judit it my little sister, and Laszlo is my little brother. I would do and give everything to them, I would move the world for them, and I know that they would do the same. I love them from the bottom of my heart.

For Judit I’m thankful for the rock and for herself too. For Laszlo I’m thankful for martial arts and for himself.

Love – An Adopted Mother

Ilona, who’s with me since I was 9-10 years I think, I don’t remember, she’s like she always been with me. And for sure she’s my mother too. Loves me, care about me, we can talk, we are friends, we are family.

This is my version of love. This is my family. These are the people whom I care and love. Always.

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  1. Amani leah says: May 29, 2012 at 11:44 pm

    Waa so touching story i wil also learn 2 lv.