Meeting challenges in Pakistan

Pirzada Hasaan Hashmi
Writer is Founder of COMPACT a Think Tank On Media ,Peace & Culture , Spokesperson of IHRP( , blogger, political & Anti-extremism activist from Pakistan, Working on ground level for Interfaith Harmony in Pakistan. He tweets @shanihashmi

Pakistan right now is facing many interesting problems. While people in the USA, Canada and Australia are thinking of travelling to Mars, doing path breaking inventions in health and   science, researching on global climate change; we here in Pakistan are thinking of when the Light will come and what chores are left to be done in the next 30, 40 or if lucky 60 min of most Precious “Pakistani Bijli”

But the biggest problem one faces today in Pakistan is Aggression. Everyone is frustrated and yes they want Mr. Prime Minister to leave Pakistan on any cost ASAP .

From Last 3 to 4 months, everyone is waking up early in the morning not due to alarm clock, not from their girl friend’s morning text or from your mother vice while knocking on your room “Beta Nashta Tyar Hai” Its 90% due to Bloody Wapda , so you start your day not by praising the Lord but by swearing “Wapda “.

If you are the one who is running your house in Pakistan, then 20 out of 30 days of month, your breakfast discussion is mostly related to something involving money. Whether it is your house bills which is reasonable to pay until you see FPA “ Fuel Price Adjustment”, or increasing grocery prices, your kids school or college fees, or some wedding of your phupi, taya, chahcha’s son or daughter where you have spend money even if you don’t have.

So most of the times your distance from home to office will cut off doing calculation that how you will fit your petty salary to do all this?

In office you have to work extra on the same pay, you have to be hypocrite even if you are not, that is just some of the virtues of a Pakistani Office.

The bigger problem which is making our masses nuts is that we all are now running think tanks in every House. We all are “Meray Mutabiq” (according to me) and we want everyone to agree on “Meray Mutabiq”

For some Imran Khan is the hope and for some Nawaz and Zardari are “Holy Cows” and to discuss on them we have every bit of our life: in college, office, shop, friends gathering. Everyone is discussing politics each and every second.

Don’t know exactly that weather media has made us ‘Pakistanis’ more aware or not. But one thing is clear that even after upcoming elections if we are not able to bring change amongst us, then I feel we don’t have right to keep our opinion. Because if we still choose dirt from the past in the upcoming elections then there is no use of having political awareness.

But as I am a Pakistani so I got some “Meray Mutabiq “ too and in my opinion if you really want to change Pakistan you have to Change Pakistan Electoral Process, as we mostly get everything from U.S  we should adopt some parts of their electoral process as well. Like if Pakistani voter knows the nominee for Prime Minister and President of every party well before elections I think people will vote more sensibly. We should be having debate sessions with them on Media before elections on issues faced by Pakistan and discuss the possible solutions on them. I think this way it will enable people to think and vote more wisely.

I would also like to thank our political talk shows hosts for indulging Pakistani people on a debate that whether Prime Minister is convicted after 30 sec punishment by the Pro PML “N” CJ.  Does a 200 bucks daily earning labor give a damn about all this??? No of course not.

Need of the hour is to do programs on real basic Issues touching each and every Pakistani on daily basis. Taking private power generation companies and Govt. related officers on the shows and ask how both can collaborate to work on alternative ways like wind turbine, solar and atomic power producing methods rather using old ways of furnace oil or hydro power.

To end with a honest confession, I am overly disappointed with Pakistan. And I need a complete over hauling to live in this country. Else the 33% will rise to more Mr. Prime Ministers.

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