Twin bomb blast kills 27 in Syria

As many as 27 people were killed and nearly 100 wounded Saturday in two suicide bombings targeting security headquarters in the Syrian capital of Damascus, Syrian Minister of Health Wael al-Halki said on state TV.

The first blast took place at al-Jamarek roundabout and targeted the Criminal Security Department, and the second one hit the al-Tahrir square connecting the Baghdad street with al-Qassaa neighbourhood and targeted the Air Intelligence Directorate, reported Xinhua.

The state-TV aired live footages of the blast on the Tahrir square, showing scorched buildings and shattered windows, which are located at a distance of 100 metres from the blast site.

Outside the air intelligence building, there were twisted debris and burned cars.

Bystanders and ambulance workers used blankets and stretchers to carry blood-stained bodies into vehicles. The blast left a two-metre-deep crater.

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