Bahrain’s Al-Khalifa regime uses surrogates to commit Human Rights Violations

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The Al-Khalifa regime in Bahrain promised reform and initiated a Commission to investigate Human Rights violations that were alleged against the regime.  The Bassiouni commission returned its findings and it showed the Khalifa regime to be responsible for illegal detainment, bogus military trials, wrongful deaths of peaceful civilians, and torture of prisoners.

The commission has come and gone, and this is its legacy:

The regime has shifted tactics away from its uniformed forces and is now using civilian ‘thugs’ to perform the identical acts and other human rights violations against the Shia population of Bahrain.  These thugs march with Security Forces and are armed by them.  They act in all ways in concert with the regime forces, one reinforces the other.  This has resulted in villages in Bahrain being smothered with teargas, vandalism of homes and cars, firebombing of homes, and beatings of Shia citizenry.  The regime sanctions these activities and in all ways participates and contributes to their actions.  These are NOT civilian thugs, they are agents of the criminal Al-Khalifa regime and responsibility for the regime’s actions taken directly and indirectly through these agents, lies directly with the Al-Khalifa regime.  Attacks upon unarmed, peaceful civilians by one’s own Government is a crime against humanity that is happening today in Bahrain!

Please watch these videos to see the evidence for the conclusions yourself:

This video shows the transference of molotov cocktails by these thugs.

This video shows the same SUV used in the molotov cocktail transfer being used with the Security Forces in the illegal detainment of the democracy protester.

Video shows the denial of the regime to these thug gangs .  Clearly these groups are closely associated with the Security Forces of the regime and act in alliance with them.

This video shows an identity card of one of these thugs left behind at Dar Khulaib.  This is an obvious taunt to those who have been subjected to these attacks.  It demonstrates that the perpetrators know that they are immune to any form of prosecution as agents of the Al-Khalifa regime.

I believe this confirms  two issues:  firstly that the Al-Khalifa regime has lied to the World and its people about reforms and the its intentions to follow BICI recommendations, and secondly, that this regime is committing and is guilty of Crimes against Humanity.  In response to these findings I ask for a cessation to  Arms sales from all World Governments to the regime of Bahrain and that these crimes of the Al-Khalifa regime be advanced by Governments interested in the preservation of human rights, to the ICC.

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2 Responses to Bahrain’s Al-Khalifa regime uses surrogates to commit Human Rights Violations

  1. Maria Selba says: January 12, 2012 at 3:20 am

    Great article

  2. burashid says: February 4, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    i never saw anything taken from GDN news as a gevornment respond on all these claims??
    then every one should make his on side of view justice?!

    just open ur eyes wide and u’ll c the savages (so called pwaceful protestors) r more stronger than the Riot Police!!?
    they killed and injured more than 500 policemen wheather they were Riot police or not?!

    and the stupid media bleave them.. we sunny ppl will wait.. but time will not stop,, and our rage will b overheated!!
    dont be unjustice with us like them,, bcause at then we will show no murcy