Balochistan: Deadly violence continues in Dera Bugti

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Occupied Balochistan: Occupying Pakistani army carrying out a deadly operation in Singsela, Zenkoh and Different areas of Dera Bugti.

According to central spokesman of Baloch Republican Party Mir Sher Mohammad Bugti  Occupying Pakistani Forces have abducted Merzar bugti, Wazeer bugti, Mandi bugti, dito  along with their children and wife namely Shali, losha, khaira bibi From Singesla Dera Bugti during the offensive.

Singsela and adjoining area are totally under siege of Pakistani Military, Pakistani Military warned the villagers of Singesla that “if you want your families back alive then leave Singsela”.

On another interesting note, five Bugti tribesmen were abducted three days ago from RD 238 area of Patferadr Dera Bugti by Pakistani military and are still in custody of Pakistani Army.

Mir Sher Mohammad Bugti urges United Nation, United State of America and International National Human Rights Organizations to raise voice for Baloch people who are being abducted and killed in Occupied Balochistan on daily basis by Pakistani army.

Sher Mohammad Bugti further said occupying forces are not allowing the free media to go and visit the affected areas.

Sher Mohammad Bugti appealed to International free media to visit Occupied Balochistan, and see how brutal Pakistani forces violating human rights in the region.

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