Deadly clashes in Cairo leaves nine people dead

Clashes erupted in Cairo on Wednesday morning between assailants and mostly Islamist protesters gathered outside the Defense Ministry, leaving nine people dead and nearly 50 wounded, security officials said.

Protesters have been camped in the city’s Abbasiya district for days, demanding an end to military rule. Most of the protesters are supporters of Salafi presidential candidate Hazem Abu Ismail, who was barred from the race because his mother held dual Egyptian-US citizenship.

This is the latest instance of violence in the capital in more than a year of turmoil in Egypt following the ouster of longtime authoritarian ruler Hosni Mubarak and will likely fuel more tensions just three weeks ahead of presidential elections.

The military generals who took over from Mubarak in February last year have promised to hand over power to a civilian administration by July 1 but that has not stopped rallies demanding the generals leave immediately.

This man was shot in the eye. Below tweet says: ‬ ‪ #Abasseya ‬ a picture of a Boukrtoh injured in clashes in the eye now Abbasid – Photography @ Tahrirawi (via Google Translate)

Tweeps bursted on Twitter to make people aware of the Abbasiya massacre.




This is a picture of wounded man being carried out of Ministry of Defense in the Egyptian capital.

According to below tweet clashes broke out shortly before midnight local time, tweet translates as “#MOD #Abbaseya URGENT: fierce clashes in the Abbasid after thugs attacked dozens of demonstrators…”

Urgent Parliamentary meeting was called of political parties and SCAF general to discuss the Abbasiya massacre.

As per the official sources put together the number of deaths was nine:

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