Expat speaks Bahrain: Opposition is not coming forward to talk

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Being born and raised in Bahrain is a privilege to an Expat like me. After the advent of Feb 14 2011,  things have changed in Bahrain. For better or worse, I do not know. I do know one thing though, the methods and ideologies promoted by the opposition is not just and directly perpendicular to the national interest.

In the beginning, I along with several of my Expat comrades were honestly undeterred by these events. As time flew, it began to affect us socially and personally. I even lost my job.

Agreed, there has been drawbacks from the Bahraini Government. Agreed, that violence was used by the government due to poor policing techniques in the initial stages of the ‘fake’ revolution.

But, no one has put forward their hand for a handshake as the Bahraini Government has. After repeated attempts by the Bahraini government for open-talks, the opposition refuses to acknowledge them and ridicules the government for their pacifist behaviour. Speaking about Bahrain’s opposition, it’s simply a general part of the population with rightful demands being hijacked by a not-so-peaceful opposition party known as the Al-Wefaq.

This so called fake-revolution is fought on two parallel locations – One on the streets of Bahrain where burned, wounded policemen and tear-gassed, stunned rioters are counted as signs of victory. The other being on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook where sympathisers, retweets and dramatization of events are counted as signs of victory.

The PR mantle of the opposition is led by interesting characters who has a flair for the dramatics, make-up and stage – notably Mr Nabeel Rajab, Ms Zainab Alkhawaja and Ms Maryam Alkhawaja along with several international wanna-be ‘Human Rights’ companies whose services are available for the highest bidder. Their famous yet predictable methods are such – call for a ‘peaceful’ rally, gather in a public place and ask their hooligans who are hidden behind women and children to attack the policemen. Thus, forcing the police to retaliate with tear-gas and what follows is drama of the highest Oscar performance.

Bahrain has got used to the rioters’ tantrums of traffic jams, burning tyres on the road, shooting metal projectiles, molotov cocktails flying over the cars and the resultant tear-gassing by the Police. It’s a part of our daily life in Bahrain now.

The Bahrain government has shown high levels of restraint against the rioters and is pushing forward to right wrongs and build up Bahrain confidently. The police are being trained by international experts on riot-control and has shown amazing perseverance for their job-profiles and danger included. Yet, the Al-Wefaq party diminishes the Bahrain government’s initiative to turn a new leaf by inciting violence, sectarianism and hatred among Bahrainis.

It is quite evident that the opposition has absolutely zero desire in Bahrain’s betterment. A classic example is the revival of the F1 race in Bahrain which the opposition have been tirelessly campaigning to cancel. Before the fake revolution, most of us were not aware of Sunni or Shia in Bahrain, there were only Bahrainis. Al-Wefaq fails in their duty if Bahrain stands united and prosperous. Some say, they would then have to answer to the country across the sea for their failed performance.

People ask me why I do what I do. I am no citizen. My tenure in this country lasts only long as my work visa. I do not get any benefits that the people of Bahrain take as granted. The King does not even know that I exist. I always reply ‘BAHRAIN is home’.

(The report was sent by @Failed_Rockstar via email)

Expats speak Bahrain

Expat speak Bahrain – after an year of protests

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5 Responses to Expat speaks Bahrain: Opposition is not coming forward to talk

  1. Spencer Haskins says: March 3, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    Wespeaknews spirals in a tailspin from a news-source to a propaganda tool………

    Firstly, what is ‘Fake’ revolution?! Typically when people use words with meanings, symbols are connected to meanings, and those meanings are within the set of menaings used for that symbol in the common use of that language. ‘Fake’ should in this context denote ‘false’ , ‘untrue’, or ‘fictional.’ The REAL revolution in Bahrain possesses none of these attributes, it is not staged, it is not imaginary, it is not false or untrue. It is populated by REAL people, who have experienced REAL tortures, REAL sufferings, REAL martyrdoms, REAL and ever present discrimination. The word ‘Revolution’ is here seen to be REAL as well, the people in the hundreds of thousands are calling for the fall of this despotic, terroristic regime!
    Secondly, several security force personnel have died, and 60+ democracy protesters have died. I believe the ratio is approximately 20:1. No mention in this article of the tortures to death in illegal detention by the regime, no mention in this article of the fact that as the regime kills it then proceeds to attack with toxic gas the rest of the victims family, no mention in this article of the nightly raids of the ‘Security’ force assaults into the villages for campaigns of collective punishment of the innocents. The few security personnel who were killed are actually the victims of the regime itself who sacrificed its own to paint the opposition negatively, basically more regime lies.
    Thirdly, Nabeel Rajab, http://is.gd/Tu8P5J , is the winner of the Ion Ratiu Democracy Award, presented annually by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars He is an internationally recognized human rights professional. Maryam AlKhawaja, http://is.gd/NENmY4 , is a field officer for the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, an organization founded by her father and now run by Nabeel Rajab. Zainab AlKhawaja is her sister, and is an internationally known advocate and champion of human rights. Both AlKhawajas are daughters of the World renowned human rights advocate, Abdul Hadi AlKhawaja, who is now languishing in illegal detention and torture at the hands of the criminal Al-Khalifa regime! This fallacy ad hominem attacks against these great souls is unconscionable and speaks volumes to the ‘FAKE’ nature of the above supposed testimonial!
    Fourth point: , This article speaks of the civil disobedience tactics of the opposition groups to bring awareness to their plight in Bahrain, demonstrations of tire burnings, traffic snarls, and protestations. Mahatma Gandhi, Thoreau, Martin Luther King, as well as the founding fathers of the American democracy all advocated civil disobedience when confronted with fascist, despotic, and totalitarian regimes such as the Al-Khalifas. These are not ‘criminal’ acts, these are acts of freedom, of liberation, of casting off the shackles of slavery. It is the moral obligation of people, when faced with this type of oppressive regime to act as such against in and in favor of their moral conscience. I salute these protesters, and hope only that I would have such great courage if I were faced with similar oppression!
    Fifth, The Bahraini regime, the Al-Khalifa terrorist organization, has shown zero restraint in dealing with the REAL revolution in Bahrain! They invited in the GCC forces at the time of the Feb.17, 2011 crackdown and whitewashed all the murders, tortures, and persecutions that commenced from that point forward. They instigated sham trials in military courts against civilians, and most notably, the intelligentsia of their opposition. The prosecuted all the Doctors and medical personnel who treated democracy protesters at the time of the crackdown, a diract violation of the human rights principle of ‘ Medical neutrality.’ The Al-Khalifa regime IS IN REALITY despotic, and terroristic upon its people. It has maintained a zero tolerance posture towards all political dissent for decades and has only culminated in what I have depicted here. The regime holds onto power out of hedonistic pleasure of its own wealth, stature, and position. It derives sadistic pleasure in persecuting fellow Muslims in direct violation of the teachings of the Quran!
    Lastly, It is comical that this article mentions the Bahrain F1. This article and the Bahrain F1 are propaganda tools of this criminal regime to attempt to ‘legitimize’ itself in the eyes of the World. The fierce domestic disturbances within this nation persist and will only abate upon their acquisition of freedom from the rule of the Al-Khalifa terrorists! This country is embroiled in strife, drenched in blood, and is unsafe for foreign or domestic travelers. The International F1 organization taints itself irrevocably by associating itself with these terrorists and their atrocities against the Bahraini people!
    [This writer claims some time of independence, or impartiality by being an expatriate. This is not so, it means that this individual is bought with favors by this regime in housing, employment, and monetary remuneration. This is paid for propaganda of the Al-Khalifa terrorist organization. Boycott the Bahrain F1 !]

  2. Spencer Haskins says: March 3, 2012 at 8:08 pm

    C’mon! Cat got the regime’s tongue? As it stands now, I am flowing all the issues in this debate to the opposition! Here is a list of proven issues:
    1. Everyone should boycott the Bahrain F1 on humanitarian grounds!
    2. Al-Khalifas are terrorists and despots and commit crimes against humanity for sadistic pleasure
    3. Nabeel Rajab, Maryam AlKhawaja and Zainab AlKhawaja are all ‘great souls’ in the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi and are champions of the Bahraini people irregardless of sect.
    4. The REAL REVOLUTION in Bahrain will continue, the PR war in the minds and hearts of the World will continue! Bahrain as a free nation devoid of Al-Khalifa terrorists will come to be, free Bahrainis who speak truth irregardless of consequences and retaliation from criminal regimes will come to be! Samood!
    5. Expatriates do NOT speak for the conditions and desires for the vast majority of Bahrainis!
    6. Hamy Al-Khalifa is a PR liar and needs to be brought before the ICC for prosecution for his crimes!

  3. Spencer Haskins says: March 3, 2012 at 8:12 pm

    I slap you on the face with my gloves, you Al-Khalifa trolls!
    This is pistols-at-dawn time!
    Come-out, come-out, wherever you are……….

    [Cowardly Al-Khalifa trolls...........]

  4. Spencer Haskins says: March 3, 2012 at 8:27 pm

    I stand on the field of honor, tapping my toe, and drumming my fingers…………

    Still no Al-Khalifa terrorist wannabe trolls to defend the indefensible Bahraini regime!

    I grow weary of your cowardice……….You have secreted yourselves in your holes, I have goaded you, baited you, challenged you……still you hide in your holes……ashamed to show yourselves!

  5. Rita Nalette says: March 3, 2012 at 10:07 pm

    Just a few words in response – the Bahraini born and raised expatriot is lucky to have missed the clouds of night and day teargas, speeding Toyotas running down the citizenry, random street shootings, government attacked funeral services, foreign mercenaries and blood in the streets. Poor Un-identified expat to have been inconvenienced by the sights and sounds of a brave people dying for the right to be free and pray in Mosques destroyed by the benevolence of King Hamad and his obese family of monsters. In short: tell it to the dead…