Growing violence in Balochistan province

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According to reports, Pakistan Army is carrying out some deadly operation in different areas of Dera Bugti, and Jaffrabad.

Recently Pakistan Army raided the villages of Atta Mohammad Gajani, Raza Mohammad Gajani, Zahro Bugti and Khaira Bugti; abducted several people and sat on fire dozens of the houses of Bugti tribesmen.

Pakistan’s forces raided the house of Bangul Bugti a local tribesmen and sat his house on fire. Banok sazi bibi mother of Bangul Bugti was burnt alive, and forces also abducted a number of people from the area.

In a press conference, Baloch Republican Party’s Central Spokesman Mir Sher Mohammad Bugti confirmed that an aged woman was burnt alive and Bangul Bugti’s house was raided by Pakistani Forces.  Mir Sher Mohammad Bugti also confirmed the number of abductions happened in different areas of Dera Bugti and Jaffrabad.

As per the previous reports, this is not the first time that people in Baluchistan have been burnt alive. Similar cases were also seen in 2008 in Singsela area of Dera Bugti Balochistan where in Pakistani Forces abducted two men Namely Geo Bugti and Miran Bugti and burnt them alive in boiling oil.

Number of appeals has been sent to International Human Rights organizations, International Community, United Nation and to the United State of America to take urgent action against Pakistan’s growing atrocities in Baluchistan.

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