Iranian theocratic regime opens fire on peaceful rally in Balochistan

Two innocent Baloch women killed and 3 wounded when Iranian occupying forces opened fire on a peaceful rally in Western Balochistan. The peaceful protest was organized by local women demanding basic rights.

According to details the peaceful women protest rally was going through the streets of Pashamg when the brutal forces of occupying Iranian theocratic regime showed up and opened indiscriminate fire on the participants. Two Baloch women died on the spot while 3 including 2 young children left badly wounded. Others managed to escape the firing.

More details not known as any means of communication in the area is almost nil due to very strict Mullah regime policies on its oppressed people.

It is to be noted Iranian regime’s staunch attitude towards Baloch have take an extremely brutal behavior after a bill in favor of Baloch people’s right of self-determination landed in US Congress a few days back. The bill also stated Balochistan is divided into three different parts which are currently under Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iranian rule, thus legitimizes the Baloch demand of right of self-determination.

The bill was presented by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (Rep.) who also chaired a Congressional hearing on Balochistan issue on February 8th in which world humanitarian organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International along with others testified on the ongoing human rights violations in Balochistan committed by Pakistan army.

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