Palestinian freedom fight and Social Media

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Resistance, a word that many have been taught to fear, in fear that they might one day fight for their own freedom.

“Fighting for Freedom” is a beautiful and expressive phrase, the essence of it is, that you are seeking liberation from all forms of oppression, whether they are physical or mental.
Yet it seems many nowadays focus on the word “Fighting” and release it from the relation it has to the rest of the phrase, seeing only the first mental images that flash before them when they hear the word “fighting”, worst of all “Fighting for Freedom” seems to have become synonymous with some sort of violent stereotype.

Many blind hearts shudder and cringe in fear when “Palestinian Resistance” is mentioned anywhere, as their brains race thinking of suicide bombings and the sounds of sirens, blood sprayed pavements and funerals for the dead, asking again and again, where is the Palestinian Ghandi?, Where is Palestinian Non-Violence?

It is these same people that cringe and shudder that have been taught to fear resistance, the same people that don’t know the names, Hana Shalabi, Khader Adnan, Ahmed Samouni, Abeer Eskafi, Mustafa Tamimi, Mohammed Al-Durrah, Mohammed Saleh, for me I can go on for days without sleep listing the victims of Israeli oppression and even I wouldn’t be able to list them all, something I feel like I should be able to do, I feel like I should have stored in my memory the names and faces of every Palestinian victim, sadly the harsh reality of the Palestinian struggle is that we have lost many fighting for freedom.

Infamous case of Mustafa Tamimi

Interestingly, Nabi Saleh, where ever since December 9th 2009, they have held weekly Friday NON-VIOLENT protests. Nabi Saleh a small Palestinian village. On December 11, 2011, Mustafa Tamimi was shot in the face by a teargas canister at close range and later died from his injury, becoming the first resident of Nabi Salih to be killed during a demonstration.
According to a B’Tselem (NGO) report released in September 2011 Israel’s security forces have infringed the rights of the Palestinian demonstrators in Nabi Saleh in three fundamental ways.
Violation of the right to demonstrate: B’Tselem’s documentation indicates that Israel does not recognize the right of a-Nabi Saleh’s residents to demonstrate. Israeli security forces declared the demonstrations illegal at the outset, sometimes even before the procession begins. The Israeli military routinely issues orders declaring the entire village a closed military area, blocks the roads leading to it, thus denying people coming from outside the village their right to join in the demonstration.

Harm to the civilian population

The army and the Border Police handles the demonstration deploying great amount of forces at the main intersection of the village and using a disproportionate amount of means to disperse the demonstrations. This occurs also when the demonstrators are nonviolent and pose no threat. The forces fire enormous quantities of tear gas inside the built-up area of the village, which is home to hundreds of persons.

Restrictions on movement in the area that creates difficulties for residents of all the nearby villages every Friday.

You will find no mention of this in any major news network and you will rarely see it in the minor networks, Nabi Saleh is one of many cases that exist, Palestinian non-violence has been existent all along and predates the Nakba as Palestinians peacefully protested the British occupation, the only problem face by Palestinian non-violence is that it is rarely shed light on and works silently shadowed by the occupation.

(The term Palestinian non-violence in its essence is somewhat misleading as it implies that Palestinian resistance has two shades, painting Palestinian armed resistance as violent, while armed resistance in the Palestinian struggle is fully legitimate under international law, as the Geneva Convention states that populations under foreign occupation have the right to resist in any form or method available to them, including armed resistance. Armed resistance is defensive, strategic and essential for Palestinian protection and maintenance of basic rights denied by the state of Israel)

The victory for Palestinians and freedom fighters everywhere is that it is been proven by history many times before, that oppression never lasts.

Breakthroughs and accomplishments are being made on a near daily basis, much to the initiative undertaken by Palestinians, mainly youth but not limited to, Palestinians seem to have spontaneously connected and organized through the help of various social media platforms

Impact of Social Media

Facebook and Twitter have become for certain individuals whom I deeply admire and respect a battlefield of truth, relentlessly using every option they have at their reach to stretch the truth far and near.

Palestinians have formed strong circles in social media, becoming the journalists reporting on their own-selves, exposing media bias and lack of reporting on all thing Palestine, In the past sixty days this has been strongly highlighted as for example the case of Khader Adnan where Palestinians and Palestinian solidarity activists on twitter managed to trend worldwide hashtags that raised awareness to the issue of administrative detention and Khaders hunger-strike.

Trends from #Dying2Live, #Kahder62Days, #Hungry4Justice trended worldwide and featured the story of Khader Adnan on the twitter “Discover” page, raising awareness and forcing the disregarding MSM to direct some of their coverage to his case.

Facebook was also filled with articles and statuses asking for the immediate release of Khader Adnan.

As in the case for Hana Shalabi whom is currently on hunger-strike protesting her illegal administrative detention.

Gaza attack

In the past week Gaza was and is still being attacked by Israel, generating a death-toll of 26 martyrs, MSM has given near zero coverage of the attacks and failed to address Israeli aggression towards a besieged population, the attack began when Israel decided to assassinate Zuhair Al Qaisi, the secretary-general of the Palestinian Resistance Committee, continuing with the illegal policy of “preemptive assassination”.

Frenzy broke on twitter reporting the violence minute by minute using the hashtag #GazaUnderAttack gives a direct insight into the lives of Gazans as they reported the sounds of explosions and the sights of drones and F16s in the skies.

As the violence and attacks escalated groups of Palestinians and solidarity activists on twitter decided to trend the hashtag #USWeaponsBombGaza as to raise awareness to the American bias towards Israel in their foreign policy and highlight what the three billion dollars in aid that America provides Israel are used for.

As social media grows and becomes a strong user contributed news outlet, it seems that the Palestinian struggle will be receiving more and more coverage reaching out to the average citizen through all the possible social portals, giving new hopes for Palestinians and Palestine, bringing freedom a step closer to becoming in arms reach.

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