Rising number of rogue colleges in UK

For more than a decade the web of private colleges has been sucking blood of students and specially Asians, using all kind of illegal methods. Fleecing the innocent students became the most profitable venture of the era. The agents did not fall behind and recruited the most unsuitable students for various courses.

The point based system made the most suitable and ensured ways of manipulating the immigration system of UK. The belated steps taken by the UK government which were implemented by UK border and Agency to curb the misuse of education and the students have failed to curtail these colleges of their corrupt practices.

Now the final countdown is on till April, when every A rated college has to get highly trusted status or will be unable to recruit the new students. How are they sucking the blood of students who are most unsuitable for the courses they had been enrolled. But these students paid the money and still they have some unpaid accounts.

Now see the modus operandi of these colleges described as “Desi Colleges”, by one of my colleagues to get the HT status.

They have become professional colleges, professing the need for discipline, attendance and learning. They even paid (out of public funding) for continuous professional courses for their staff.

Under the law they will be required to run their colleges till every student has completed the respective course if they could not get HT status. But why these cunning business people will do that unless some stringent laws are enacted to check these malpractices.
What they are engaged now is basically to get the balance money from students, because they fear that they might not get the HT status, this is absolute illegal and strange to the law abiding culture of UK. But they do;

  • Harass, threaten and bully students.
  • Use the information well protected under the data protection law to harass and intimidate the students in front of other students for fleecing the fees.
  • They use their staff to carry on these objectives

These rouge colleges have nothing to worry about the legal consequences that – (i) Harassing entails criminal and civil penalties; (ii) Data protection Act is more lethal than any other criminal law when infringed with a purpose; (iii) They are vicariously liable for their staff.

The innocent Asian staffs are unaware that they cannot use the threatening language or tone here. They are personally liable for their criminal actions and threatening and harassing is criminal. The employers are vicariously liable as far as the civil liability or the claim is concerned. These poor teachers and staff are unaware of the fact that they are at a very high risk of getting the criminal record. This will practically end the legality of their fragile immigration history.

How UKBA is still letting these rogue colleges to degenerate the education in UK is something to ponder!

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