Syria: six bullets, no points

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Honestly, has anyone really believed that Bashar Al Assad could or even would accept Kofi’s half a dozen? Let’s have a look on the bullet points the highest UN representative presented.

Talks between the opposition and the regime in an inclusive Syrian-led political process.

The main problem is: where should they take place? In Syria it is too dangerous for the members of the SNC to take part. The regime might be cold-blooded enough to kill some of them blaming it on ‘armed gangs’ or ‘terrorists’. And outside Syria Assad and his staff has to become not only neutrally spoken welcomed with handcuffs instead of handshakes. Dilemma.

A cease-fire and a troop withdrawal.

How long is the clear minded global community demanding that now? This time, same content as usual, wrapped in a new proposal. Assad’s answer on that might be like ‘Generally we’re accepting a cease-fire but the (imaginary) armed gangs have to stop first shooting’ or ‘Yes, we’re accepting a cease fire and a troops withdrawal. But we decide when.’

Humanitarian assistance in areas affected with shelling.

Even it is only for a few hours per day, just like a public service office opened from the moment no shootings or grenade hits will be heard until the next live fire continues. And if someone gets killed at humanitarian time the regime will comment it shrugging: ‘Armed gangs.’

The release of those who have been arbitrarily detained.

In what time period? Since the outbreak of the revolution? Since Hafez got in power? (I’m afraid some arbitrarily arrested are even after such a long period in prison if still alive.) Releasing them is too risky for the ruling elites. Instead of returning intimidated back to their families they will push the ultimate will for change the Syrians have fast forward.

Free access for journalists.

For everyone keeping a press card in the pocket. Granting them the right to visit every place they like to see. Baba Amr for example. Idlib,  Zabadani and Hama. All at the same time. Interviewing civilians whose kids were slaughtered in front of them by the regime forces. ‘No way,’ says Bashar, ‘as next they want to visit our bedroom in the presidential palace .’

Respect for freedom and association and the right to demonstrate peacefully.

Respect for freedom, here it lacks enormous because the regime defines freedom exclusively as own freedom. And admitting the right to protest peacefully would blow the regime simply away because everyone could see then the real size of the ruling minority.

While Assad is still smiling and whistling ‘I did it my way’ the suffering but with an enormous power resisting Syrians and the watching method less global majority of mankind are witnessing another fruitless attempt to negotiate with one who simply refuses to negotiate.

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