The Cold War [Poem]

i write poetically

The cold war

The rainy season suddenly invades

The dust and warmth up in arms

Clouds cover the sun’s protection

And the overall battle, a cold war.

Floods displacing people

The smell of sticky sweat dissolves

The farmers conspire in undertones

The underground seeds begin to shoot

At the hard ground surface made soft.

Vegitation after rains

Where soon the hibernation ends

 Rebel caterpillars become butterflies

Ladybirds, worms all now liberated

and a loud joyful music of the birds.

All seems okay up from there…

The old man relaxes his terms on dowry

And lets his daughter free, the girl cries

Yet boys getting old still fear marriage

and the mothers longing of broken ties.

Families re-unite after years of pain and struggle

I am sure God is happy wherever he is

Though mudslides and drowning go on,

 Death counts in catastrophic acts mount.

We get angry and sad at Mother Nature.

night falls and morning expectations rise

Where’s the truce? The battle must end

The goodwill must come in all of these

New life, new meanings of peace must be

Before the stormy battle ends the suffering.

Business as usual

Finally it will be warm and hot and sunny

We shall be grateful after dark season ends

But does that yield a lasting fulfillment?

Shall we be content in droughts or bareness?

Thank God

 If happiness is seasonal, what’s the point

of having slight brief moments of pleasure?

Yet after making love enjoying the chilly day

We end up with babies we fail to nurture.

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