The dangerous expansionism of China

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Communist China is expanding its military, strategic and economic might rapidly all over the globe as it it seeks to usurp America, Britain, India and Russia as the dominant global powers, and establish Chinese hegemony in key countries and continents, so as to further its growing military clout, power and influence on the world stage at large.

Recently China has been engaged in creating a colossal military, naval and technical presence in Iran, and is actively deploying thousands of non uniformed forces, scientists, and military planners in the Shia Muslim country, snapping up Iranian gas and oil fields to supply its expanding Chinese population and technological Renaissance, and is thought to be instrumental in assisting the Khatemi Regime in its secret and nefarious nuclear development program to build Weapons of Mass Destruction, and many intelligence experts suspect the ambitious Communist Regime were behind the recent downing of the sophisticated American drone by the use of Chinese electronic jamming and control devices.

Contextually we are also seeing the Chinese Yellow Peril, which is a traditional rival of India, also expanding into America where it owns 10% of American debt, which gives it political  and economic leverage over Sinai American relations and financial decision making by the Obama Administration, and meantime China is also seriously engaged in the acquisition of American real estate and corporations, notwithstanding their already significant corporate holdings in Europe and Australia, which is enabling them to build up a dangerous financial and economic stranglehold and affording the Communist Regime potential blackmail bargaining chips in Western Civilization.

To ignore the Chinese global expansionism, while we are preoccupied with Muslim Terrorism across the world, could prove to be a fatal mistake for America and Western powers, as nuclear powered China is actively and furtively constructing military, scientific and economic alliances with our adversaries, which could prove to be a very costly and fatal mistake on our parts.

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1 Response to The dangerous expansionism of China

  1. Vishal says: February 27, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    China’s main interest, which they’ve made amply clear, is shale gas, which apparently is the future of resources like oil and compressed gas. They also want to maintain a stronghold in various parts of Asia when a war breaks out, which is why the military interest and promises of development in Iran and Pakistan.

    Long term thinking; wonder what’s gonna happen while we sit spinelessly and watch. We already lost a part of Arunachal Pradesh; God knows what’ll ensue.