Transformational Media Summit 2012, London

Jeremy Wickremer set up Ideal Media in 2002 to produce communications that inspires a transition to a peaceful sustainable world. He has worked with organisations such as Medicins san Frontiers, Toyota, BBC Environment, WWF and eBay for Charity.

Citizen journalism and the internet is transforming the media landscape with a shift from media content owned and broadcast by the powerful few to the creation and dissemination of media by the empowered many, Another billion people are expected to be connected to the world wide web in the next decade to add to the 2.2 billion that are already connected. Our media is really starting to reflect our deep human desire to bond and the state of our global interconnectedness.

The themes of social media and citizen journalism will be discussed this September 27-28th in London at the inaugural Transformational Media summit. The summit is a new initiative that gathers leaders together from across the globe to look at how media can help create positive change in the world.

Transformational media may be focused on inner qualities or practical solutions. Its goal is to unite rather than divide, bring peace rather than conflict, and create rather than destroy.

From citizen journalism, to a comedian who wants us all to laugh, the important magic ingredient is love or compassion. The potential to transform differentiates it from other forms of media. So whereas one comedian may just make us laugh and send us home all content and satisfied another may want to challenge us to move out of our comfort zones.

The summit will bring together leading minds in transformational media such as Duane Elgin, author & visionary, Dara Marks, Hollywood’s no1 rated script consultant specialising in the transformative arc, and Maddy Harland co founder of Permaculture Magazine.

The first day of the summit will include workshops on creating transformational media by looking beyond the surface to the deep structure and intention within a story. The second day will showcase some great examples and provide a space for discussion, debate and exploration.

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