Twin blast in Aleppo claims 25 lives as shelling in Baba Amr continue

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The northern city Aleppo in Syria has been hit by two large scale bombs targeting the security establishments.

The attacks were targeted the police and military and so far 25 causalities have been confirmed by reports coming from Syrian state television, the injuries are beyond 200.

So far there is confusion over who is behind these twin attacks, while the BBC reports that spokesman for the rebel Free Syrian Army told them it was behind the attack. Reports from various accounts including tweet handle @tweets4peace suggest that FSA doesn’t take the 100% responsibility for the twin attacks in Aleppo.

According to other accounts the FSA claims responsibility for carrying out attacks on two security installations in the city, in an interview with France24, added that the premises were legitimate targets.

These bombings in Aleppo come after a week of continued shelling by the Syrian army over Baba Amr, Homs. This heavy shelling has left hundreds of civilians dead and is still continuing despite protests and voices against Assad being raised across.

A Syrian student working for the cause of revolution shared the pictures taken from the streets of Homs by citizen journalist Nader Alhusseini in Baba Amr.

Here are some of the images we got:

Lead picture courtesy :

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