USAID should be used to aid US

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President Barack Hussein Obama and his US Administration should immediately end all foreign aid to overseas countries, and instead use that colossal amount of money, $25 Billion a year, for helping the poor, homeless, disadvantaged and sick in the Republic, and target a percentage of it towards reducing the US’s astronomical debt of $16 Trillion.

For too long American Foreign Aid has not gone to the right people in the Middle East, Africa and the Third World, and due to corruption, fraud and nepotism, it has found its way into the pockets and bank accounts of despots, dictators and tyrants and their extended families, or has been salted away in hidden offshore and Geneva bank accounts. Worse still, a significant amount of American Foreign Aid has helped prop up hostile Islamic states, who are avowed enemies of America, which has led to terrorist attacks across the globe on American assets and their allies, Great Britain and Israel.

With the American Presidential Election looming large this year in November, the burning subject of American Foreign Aid will be a pivotal factor during the Election Campaign for both Obama and his Republican challengers for the White House. The smart money says whosoever articulates stopping all overseas American Aid, and instead advocates using it to help the USA recover from the recession and widespread poverty, will be favorite to win the election.

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1 Response to USAID should be used to aid US

  1. D P Poddar says: February 15, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    I agree with this to a great extent. Even in India, such aid has gone mostly in lining the pockets of bureaucrats & politicians.