Reading into what the world media is saying about Rupert Murdoch’s Twitter debut

Alright people he’s now here as well. With  media baron Rupert Murdoch signing into Twitter, it’s become difficult to find a media space where he doesn’t exist.

The commentary that has been doing rounds ever since the news corporation chairman debuted on Twitter ranging from it being a PR exercise, to him trying to break with 2011′s annus horribilis or the website associated with young and web savvy getting a senior member give a predictable tale to an unpredictable move by Murdoch.

The following thoughts are in no way an attempt to be pro Rupert, but are questions that came to mind reading various reports.

To call Murdoch old for twitter or not so tech savvy is nothing but an attempt to show bias against the man who probably has the highest number of media titles to his name. Is he the only one in 80′s using twitter? And what about him being non tech savvy, he’s the one who launched world’s first i-pad only newspaper ‘the daily’ way ahead of his rivals.

Roll down the memory lane he was the chap who bought My Space at a staggering price way before the Facebook and Twitter took over social media.

This is what some of the leading media houses in the world have to say about Murdoch signing into twitter.

the Guardian: Rupert Murdoch joins Twitter? ‘Now this will be fascinating,’ says Piers it followed with a strap stating, “News Corporation chief seemingly tries to break with 2011′s annus horribilis by tweeting ‘with his own voice, in his own way’ ”

Well the camaraderie that the Guardian and News Corporation share is no secret and putting thoughts via Morgan seems an easy way out to take the dig.

The Daily Telegraph: No hacking required. Murdoch signs up to Twitter. Following the headline the strap said, “It is a website normally associated with young liberals and web-savvy celebrities, but last night Twitter users had a new and unlikely senior member among their ranks.”

Head back to what was  referred some lines back.

Daily Mail: If you can’t beat them, join them: Controversial media tycoon Rupert Murdoch signs up to Twitter at 80 years old

So what’s the harm, many companies in the past have done so, Ford Motors revived their fortune using social media and twitter in particular.

Sydney Morning Herald: New to Twitter: the tweet Murdoch took down … fast

Shooting from the hip, well that is a typical Murdoch trait, it for me authenticates the account is genuine. Do we hear sceptics saying it was a planned move as well??

The Independent: Rupert Murdoch expands media interests – with a Twitter account

The most straightforward headline, he does so.

Others towing the similar line were

NDTV: Media moghul Rupert Murdoch joins Twitter

The Economic Times: News Corp. boss Rupert Murdoch joins Twitter

While everyone had a go at Murdoch Sr., his own titles played it safe.

The Australian:  News Corp boss Rupert Murdoch has taken to Twitter to share his New Year thoughts

WSJ: News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch Joins Twitter

Amidst all this frenzy what catches my eye is that the move comes 12 days after Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who owns seven percent stakes in News Corporation and has been a long time ally of the Murdoch’s has invested USD 300 million in the social media site.

Also how many tweet celebs get endorsed and announced to the world by Twitter cofounder  Jack Dorsey.

These like others are speculations and assumptions, what matters is that Murdoch is there with his thoughts for the word to see what’s probably is occupying his mind space. If this in turn helps the young at heart business tycoon to revive fortunes it’s an invaluable add on.

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